Robotics – is an interesting platform that requires interaction, innovation, patience and curiosity to explore into the universe of creativity. With its comprehensive construction system of endless integration and engagement, it provides endless possibilities and ample opportunities for individuals to realize their potentials, instilling the values of leadership, teamwork and problem solving, into the realm of infinite design possibilities.

As the world today grows immensely complex with multitudes of challenges on the horizon, technology in education can’t be denied as the world grew more advanced than yesteryears.  Indeed, the needs of individuals to equipped with related knowledge and skills overcoming tough challenges have been drastically increased; yet proficient individuals are relatively low in sight.

Robotics is suitable for everyone from all walks of life, with its flexibility to mature according to the individual’s learning skill level, yet it is a simple, powerful innovative creative educational tool to start off with as a beginner. Robotics is more than just assembling the pieces into a built robot, but too involved in programming and designing creative solution to a problem. Looking at those attractive, yet colorful assembling assortments, with its matching apps, gesture, advanced mechatronics and voice control device, these electronic mechanisms are give life to keep anyone mesmerized with its magical moment.

To understand better on the robotics aspect, there are many different types of robots, comes in different built form and application. In fact, when comes into its constructional system, they share 3 basic functionalities:

Mechanical Functionality Electronic Functionality Programming Functionality
  • Have mechanical constructions for assembling
  • Eg. A Body Frame, a Form or Shape to achieve certain tasks and objectives.
  • Have electronic components to power movements and control the machinery.
  • Consisted 3 electrical aspects:-
  • Movement(via motor)
  • Sensor (to measure senses like touch, heat, sound)
  • Operation (via power source to activate and perform basic operations)
  • The core essence of the robot to determine certain action.
  • Consisted 3 different robotic programming:
  • Remote Control – pre-set commands for limited suggested actions
  • Artificial Intelligence – interact on their own without control, able to determine an action using their preexisted programming.
  • Hybrid – combined both AI & RC functions.

The most sought after programmable robotics are VEX Robotics.

  • VEX Robotics

VEX Robotics was created by Innovatio First, Inc. (US), has been recognized as a leading classroom robotics platform. It is designed to offers 2 different type of robotics – VEX IQ and VEX EDR; to nurture creative advancement in robotics and STEM education.

  1. VEX IQ: is designed for younger students from 2nd grade through 8th grade, with ‘Snap-On’ concept plastic assortment and completely tool-free assembling for fun drivable robot builds, offering flexibility to use up to 12 Smart Motors or sensor at once in order to provide limitless potential for growth with its ever expanding design models. Its affordability and engaging robotic kits is the main reason it is suitable for both classroom use and the competitive arena.
  2. VEX EDR: is designed to offer students an enriching platform to engage themselves in-depth into the area of Science, Technology, and Engineering & Math (STEM), catering to both beginner and experts alike ranging from Middle School to College. It offers highly versatile construction tool with user-programmable microprocessor that allow students to create whatever their imagination unleashed. Hence, this has provided unlimited potential growth learning opportunity with new discovery.
  3. HEXBUG by VEX: is an award-winning robotics in Toy of the Year 2016 (TOTY) for the VEX Robotic Arm. It appears to be much more fascinating, intelligent bug-like attributes robotics compared to the VEX IQ and EDR series as the HEXBUG robotics are equipped with expandable motorized claw to pick up objects, adjustable for various launch distances, rotate 360⁰, control box battery pack and knob to set the robotics into motion, depending on the varieties of models. Its affordability and engagement of up to 8 multiplayers in a robotic arena setting are the main highlight it is perfect for schools to approach in both classroom use and competition purposes.