Computer Science is often an overlooked subject in the STEM discipline. Looking at today’s Top Innovators such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Berners-Lee, they are the rock star of Computer Science. To them, it is more than just learning to program within the computer environment BUT by learning to succeed in the digital age by embracing discovery, creation, collaboration, exploration and problem solving; as well as unleashing creativity, instill the spirit of teamwork, communication and problem solving skills to the set.

Computer Science also opens a multitude platform for individuals by providing an important framework on problem solving, building logical reasoning skill and evaluating the complexity of current challenges. Many of us have plenty of great ideas, BUT do not have the capability to realize the idea into action. Individuals that are equipped with Computer Science, they are able to translate into action, using digital infrastructure, connectivity, and website.

In the 21st Century, computer science skills are in-demand as it has become the driving force in todays’ businesses; regardless if you are in the field of science, math, social science or even art. Apps and website development are in the trend today and every day is an uphill climb due to the technology advancement is on the rapid growth.