What is STEM?  It is an integration of 4 main disciplines – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The STEM field is considered core technological that supports the advancement of society, and is a key component towards global citizenship.

But take a deeper look into it, it carries very meaningful and profound solutions to universal questions, which has created thrills and magic effects, saved numerous of precious plants and animals from extinction, to curbing disastrous diseases to cures, as well as changing the way human communicate with one another in an unimaginable world that we called – the cyberspace…

Computational Thinking

Is an orderly thought approach in problem solving that involved problem formulation, expression of innovative solutions; in which human or machine can implement.


Computer Science is an active, applied field within STEM discipline. It is more than just coding, but to connect to the digital world by embracing exploration and discovery that inspires creativity, teamwork, communication and problem solving.

STEM Robotics

Robotic provides a fun yet interactive collaboration learning when programing and robotics combined. It is engaging as it provides hands-on experiences, creativity expression and reality realization.