Within these 4 main disciplines, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, are used to be reflected within a book environment, along with actual experiments to interpret the written text into live action. The lack of interactive content is the main reason these subjects unappealing to the younger audience.


In order to attract young audience towards these subjects, schools today have to undertake a mission – is to transform into a digital school, using latest technology to create an environment where students are able to experience the difference when interacting with the content that uses sensor like sight, sound and movement.


A STEM Lab is a customized solution that offers schools with a wide variety of services, custom-made depending on respective school’s needs, ranging from:-


    • Teacher’s training,
    • Course consultation,
    • Interior set-up specification, such as cupboards, chairs with rotary writing table, magnetic wall board,
    • Electronic devices purchases and set-up includes chrome book laptops, projector, and touch-enabled projector screen.


To continue evolving and catching the waves, it is a never ending journey within the education sector as technology advanced through the time, but to provide what’s suit best for grooming our future leaders of tomorrow.