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Effective School Communication

Schools can use our web site and mobile app to manage and send relevant information to specific parents.

For Parents


Improve Parents' Involvement

Parents can use mobile app to receive alerts and updates on information specific to their children only.

About Allschools App

Parents today are packed on schedules and occupied with workloads. When comes to monitoring the progression of their kids at school, parents tend to feel overwhelming with this personalized task. The endless worries were never been lighter as the child grew older.

In order to stay updated with the child’s progression at school, as well as aware of school-related activities, AllSchool App is a mobile-based secured communication platform where the schools are empowered to communicate to parents regards to their child’s activities within the school compound; notification broadcast includes attendance, homework, class results, school bulletin, disciplinary issue, library alerts, payment reminder, activity registration and monitoring child’s expenditure in the smartcard system. It is also equipped with e-payment solution for immediate payment settlement via online transactions.

On the other hand, it is an effective way for the schools to push relevant notification to selected parents as it is cost-time saving and is integrated into the school management system. Furthermore, the schools are completely in control of all the contents published in the portal, ensuring accuracy at all time, at any place.

With AllSchool App, it brings school communities closer to parents through technology. For more information, please click here.

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